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Where am I?
Archive Research Laboratories is an entity concerned with creating protocols for best-practices to digitize and archive material on analog videotape.

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Hello, and welcome to Video Research Laboratories.

My name is Lawrence Moody, and I have spent the past 7 years learning everything I can about best practices for archiving analog videotape to various digital formats.

I believe we are on the cusp of potential disaster on a massive (societal) scale, as original analog source material is lost, leaving only inferior digital rips to scar the content within for all time. I think it is the duty of any conscientious content-steward to establish and follow a protocol to ensure that material on tape is preserved in the best possible quality, and the goal of this project is to work towards establishing those protocols.

Here, I present my original research as well as that of other archivists and video professionals, in the hope that together we can establish a common set of standards to ensure that all media is saved for the generations to come.

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